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2020 - News and Events

What a strange year! We kept in touch through Social Media but restrictions meant we couldn't meet you in person and for the first year since they started our annual Breakaway didn't happen.

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Virtual Event - 14th November 2020

Strange times call for new ideas! We held our first virtual event in November!

It had lots of fun and games, including Quizzes, Penguin making and things to do with toilet rolls.

Great fun was had by all who attended and we want to thank them all for joining in and making it such a fun afternoon.


Mini Golf - 15th March 2020


We had a family day out planned at Star City, Birmingham.

There was lots of fun, and creative counting on the score cards.  And a great chat with everyone afterwards over drinks and snacks.

Everyone left with an Easter Egg for later and hopefully some lovely memories.

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