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2023 - News and Events

See what we got up to in 2023!


Christmas Party - 3rd December 2023

The first Sunday in December is traditionally the KLU Christmas party day. We woke to rain which soon turned to sleet, nothing nicer when you’re emptying car loads of party goodies!
Chris and his team at Bournville Social Club once again made us all very welcome.
We welcomed over 4 new families to our group and they quickly found others to talk to and joined in the silliness.
There were quizzes, games, crafts to keep us occupied. The buffet disappeared quickly and then the toilet roll came out… This years challenge was ‘create a Christmas Angel’. Not only the children were wrapped up but one of the Mum’s too! Lots of laughter and creative use of the halls decorations and we had our angelic, toilet paper draped angels.  We raffled off a beautiful penguin picture that one of our mum’s, Louise had created for us and then it was suddenly time to hand out the gifts that Santa had left for us and get the obligatory group picture for our Facebook page and website.
Another fab party with our fab families, we look forward to many more to come


Ten Pin Bowling - 12th March 2023

A lot of fun was had at Acock's Green Bowl!

A few of our warriors were struggling with aches and pains due to the cold, but as always they put on brave faces as carried on!


Indoor Picnic and Garden Games - 23rd July 2023

We had a great day out for our summer event despite a last minute change of venue thanks to a very British summer (lots and lots of rain!).

Sandwiches were eaten and lots of silly games played! We even managed to get into the garden in the sunshine!


Pottery Painting - 1st October 2023

A fantastic time was had by all creating masterpieces at the creative coffee hub in Dudley. 

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