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Future Events

Keep an eye on this page to see our upcoming events for 2022 and join our fun and welcoming community!

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Redpoint Climbing Centre - Sunday 2nd October 2022

Come and join us in doing something different!


Our Autumn event will be held at Redpoint Climbing Centre in Birmingham (B19 3ST). This event is open to children age 5+ and of any climbing ability! The children will have an instructor assisting them for an hours lesson. 

We ask that parents/carers stay and cheer the children on whilst chatting with the Kids Like Us team and other parents. 

Join us and meet new people. We don't often charge for our events but we have been hit hard the past few years, we are asking for just £5 per child. 

To reserve your places please email Louise on

First come first served


KLU Christmas Party - 3rd or 4th December

A firm favourite! Keep an eye for confirmation of date, time and venue!

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