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Patient Information Leaflets

This selection of leaflets have been created by Birmingham Childrens Hospital and funded by Kids Like Us.

They are designed to provide information and advice to children suffering from Arthritis and also to their families.

Adolescent Rheumatology Clinic

Details about what to expect at Clinic

Talking about your condition

Tips on talking to your friends, teachers and other people that may know about having JIA

Exercise for Health

Tips for getting fit and active

Moving from Adolescent to Adult Care

Tips on what to expect and how to prepare yourself


Tips for driving with JIA

Transition FAQs for Parents and Carers

Tips for transitioning the care of your young person

Exercise for Young Children

Tips for getting younger children fit and active

JIA Mindmap

Find out more about JIA

Medicine Information

Tips for taking medicine and questions you may want to ask your Doctors about the medicines you are taking

Joint injections

Tips for managing joint injections 

Back Health

Tips for looking after your back

Money matters

Tips for financial support available 

Neck Pain

Tips for managing neck pain

Play activities

Tips and ideas for play activities for young children

Study Skills

Tips on studying for your exams

The Rheumatology Team

Introducing the Rheumatology team

World of Work

Tips on managing JIA in a working environment


Tips for healthy handwriting

Managing Pain

Tips for what you can do to help yourself when you are in pain


Tips on getting a good nights sleep

Energy Saving

Tips for working efficiently and making the most of limited amounts of energy

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