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Photos from one of the past Breakaway Events

Breakaway 2018


We are grateful to everyone who supports us, from the individual donation of pocket money to those who fun the London Marathon, we make every penny count.

We are always happy to find out more about your ideas.


We have recently started a number of events for children with JIA and their families.  And we are always keen to hear your ideas of what more we can do to support you and your family.

Our next event is Ten Pin Bowling on Saturday 7th October at Star City at 1pm.  Please join us.

Community Outreach

The Breakaway (or Independence break) is a 4 day break held during August each year, at a Youth Hostel, for young people with Arthritis and Rheumatic diseases.

It is organised and run by staff from the Rheumatology dept at Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

Aims are to:

- promote independent living skills

- promote self confidence and improve self esteem levels

- provide social, stimulating and fun environment away from home

- to develop peer support groups

The break is funded by Kids Like Us (In 2016 this was £3812)

To find out more download the leaflet below.

Break Away

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