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Your Impact

and how we spend your money

We fund a "Kids Like Us" Nurse based at the Birmingham Children's Hospital who works with the Children and also carries out research.

We buy, and have bought, sets of pain relief equipment and other items requested by Birmingham Children's Hospital, University Hospital Coventry and New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.  These items were bought to be lent long term to children in need of their own individual equipment at home.

We are funding "Break Aways" for adolescents with arthritis.  They enjoy a holiday in the company of people their own age but with a full team of medical carers.  They have fun and hopefully begin to learn how to care for themselves.  At the same time it gives families a break from being the carer.   Our next event takes place on August 29th - September 1st 2017.  To find out more about what the young people learn from these events, download the brochure, and the comments from previous breaks below.

We also fund "Family Weekends" for the families of children with arthritis in the company of a medical team.  This gives parents, brothers and sisters, and children with the disease, the opportunity to be with other people who understand their difficulties and professionals who can answer questions.

We have produced sets of child friendly leaflets to help children to understand their disease more and to give help with ways to cope (see picture to right). The professionals at Birmingham Children's Hospital wrote these, and the production is paid for by 'Kids Like Us'.  We are now looking to share this material with other local Hospitals.  Many of these leaflets are available to download here.   

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