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Event Planning

We created a new position on the KLU committee a couple of years ago and Louise became our Outreach Lead. What we’ve found since is that it’s really too much for one person, especially some one who has a full-time job and is about to start renovating a new home.

To share the load, I volunteered to organise the 2023 Christmas Party. Although we set the date a long time ago, nothing really happens until we start advertising it and asking people to book.

Will anyone want to come? Will we get any new people along? Are some of our youngsters getting too old for it? You just never know how the events we offer will be received.

Bookings for this year came in reasonably quickly and suddenly I realised I’d better get some organising done or it’s going to be a non-event. We have a basic format but it’s good to change things slightly so it doesn’t get boring.

Venue organised and it worked well last year so we’re heading back to Bournville Social Club. I have also popped in to see Chris, the manager to confirm he’s expecting us and also to enquire about some dates for next year.

Buffet, games, quiz, prizes, gifts, there’s so much to remember and organise, oh and the new essential for the party – toilet roll! Yes, we started a new tradition last year, the toilet roll challenge! There was so much laughter and silliness last year when we got the loo roll out, can’t wait to see what happens this year.

The easy part with the party is that it’s completely free for our families so we’re not trying to collect contributions towards the cost. It’s also relatively safe for us financially as there’s no huge cost implication if families can’t come on the day. Some venues insist we pay up front which can lead to losses for us if we don’t have as many people on the day as we expected.

So, everything is almost organised, just the buffet to be bought and prepared and my Christmas jumper and earrings looked out so I can compete with the wonderful Christmas jumpers that come out for the day.

Just need to remember to put everything in the car on the day and hope that everyone comes with a healthy appetite to demolish the buffet.

See you on 3rd December to see how much everyone has grown since last Christmas (children, not the adults) and make more happy memories.

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