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Training for our 55,335 steps to BCH Challenge

Well it is now just 8 weeks till our Challenge and the training is going well. The recent weather has been very kind to us and has made the walks really enjoyable as well as ensuring the conditions underfoot are as good as we could hope for by the Canal.

We managed an 8 mile walk on Sunday from Rowington up to Catherine de Barnes. It was a bit shorter than we thought and pretty good conditions underfoot. We are aiming for a pace of 15 minute miles and on Sunday we averaged just above that at 15.8 minutes per mile.

So far we seem to have got our footwear right and no blisters to report (fingers crossed it stays that way).

What we didn't expect was how busy the canal tow path can be, and everyone is very friendly. Brings a smile to our walk.

We are trying really hard to avoid the stones as neither of us wants to fish the other out of the water!

After some of our walks my hips can ache a bit, but compared to what our children live with it feels like a very small price to pay.

We are off on a 13.5 miles walk tomorrow so wish us luck

Marion and Kirsty x

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