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Santa Came to Birmingham

Our Christmas Party took place at the Eaton Hotel on Sunday 3rd December.

It was great to see so many of our families there. We had around 50 people on the day, including the Kids Like Us team and it was a fabulous fun day.

We took the opportunity to premiere our film, to share it with everyone and to say thank you to those at the party who had taken part in pulling it together, which was greatly appreciated. We have now published the film on youTube and you can access it from our website. Its a great way of helping others who are newly diagnosed and creating greater understanding for your family and friends.

On the day there were lots of penguin pictures hidden around the room and there was lots of fun had by the children (and adults) in finding them all.

Once everyone realised there were some penguins hiding under the chairs there was a lot of heavy lifting to find them all.

After a fantastic buffet put on by the Eaton Hotel, it was time for party games. These included pass the parcel and the chocolate game. I think the children had fun with pass the parcel and enjoyed the many layers with sweets and activities at each layer.

The highlight on the day was definitely the arrival of Santa. The excitement of the children filled the room and brought a smile to everyone. Santa then stayed to spend time with each of our children, checking he knew what it was they wanted for Christmas. And he had a lovely gift for each of them.

My lasting memories of the day were the noise of laughter that filled the room and the smiles on the faces of every child when Santa entered the room. It was a fantastic day, and created wonderful memories for us all.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made it such a special day.

We look forward to seeing everyone for our 2018 Christmas Party on the Sunday 2nd December at the Eaton Hotel. It will be an amazing day so get the date in your diary now.

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