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A Hole in One for some

At times it felt like our trip to the Mini Golf wasn't meant to be. We'd first arranged it for October 2019 without realising the date we'd chosen was during half term. Such things pass you by when your children are past school age! Then at the beginning of this year there was talk of a dangerous virus elsewhere in the world which soon started to rear its ugly head closer to home. Discussions were had about whether it was a good idea to go ahead and we even took medical advice from our own Professor Southwood. Emails to our families showed that there was still a willingness to attend so we decided to go for it.

Thank goodness we did! It was a lovely morning and the children and their families all had a lovely time. Families in smaller groups teamed up with others which was lovely to see. There was some skilful play, and some creative counting, and it was great to see friendships picking up from previous events.

Time passed very quickly and we were there longer than we'd anticipated as we all chatted and caught up with each other's lives. All the children headed home with an early Easter egg and plans for events to come.

As it turns out this was to be one of the last 'normal' event for what will be some time to come.

We have taken the decision to cancel our June event and will now hopefully postpone those plans until October. We'd love as many families to join us then, hopefully to have our biggest and best event yet!

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