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KLU Committee and Isolation

By Irene Bannister

My Isolation so far These are such different times for everybody. However I have found some positives that have come from these sad days. I have seen and heard of such kindness and concern for others. The most unlikely people offering help. I am one on the list being shielded and know I will not be allowed out before mid July at the earliest. I have had so many offers of help from family of course, but also from former colleagues, friends and neighbours not to mention calls from the local authority, my bank and doctors who look after my long term care. How do any of them find time to offer that support? I miss being able to hug my grandchildren and family but have not ever had such long conversations with my granddaughter before, albeit on a phone. I miss being able to go out and shop for my own food but am learning to be adventurous with my cooking. Having received 2.5kgs of carrots in a mixed vegetable box I was left with the dilemma of what to do with them. I have managed but My husband is taking on the look of Bugs Bunny, it is a bit late for the Easter Bunny! Modern technology is such a godsend. In fact apart from the new skills I have had to learn, being in daily touch with far flung family is lovely. Otherwise I would properly only have seen some of them once a year. Being confined to my home there is time to do things without pressure. Then I think of the many key workers literally putting their lives on the line each day to look after us. I see school children, my granddaughter included, making washable laundry bags so that anybody caring for the sick can remove their clothes after a shift and put them in bag for washing without risking infection taking them out again at home. I see rainbows everywhere many made by children showing that sign of good things to come. Not that I expect to find a pot of gold! I see so many neighbours out on a Thursday evenings clapping their appreciation for all the carers. My hope is that when this is all over we will all remember that feeling of appreciation of others and the resources we used to overuse. Perhaps the way nature has been able to flourish will remind us to be more careful of our environment. Perhaps the younger generation will benefit from the lessons learnt and not make the same mistakes my generation have made. Stay safe and take care Irene

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