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Lockdown, and contemplating it while on Holiday

Well its been a very strange few weeks for us. It became clear that a lockdown was coming while we were away on holiday so we decided to isolate while we were away as a precaution and to do all we could to not bring anything home with us. We were very lucky as we were in a warm country with empty beaches as the tourists went home. Landing back in England was very surreal, the airport usually so busy was deserted, the drive home was very strange.

We had been home for 3 days when the official lockdown started.

Our experience so far has had good and not so good bits.

Good things:

  • we have started to play games again rediscovering scrabble and dominos

  • our garden is starting to look better than it ever has before

  • the DIY jobs we were avoiding are getting done and it is actually quite satisfying

  • we have volunteered as NHS helpers so we can do what we can to help others 

  • we have been able to connect people to friends and family talking them through how to set up online video chats over the phone

  • remembering how great it is to see neighbours when you stand on the doorstep on a Thursday evening

  • the planet is getting a break from our pollution

  • friends and family are spending a lot more time talking even if it is on text, WhatsApp, video - talking is good

  • All of this reminds us of what is really important

  • we have tried to do as much of our shopping as possible with small businesses to support them more 

Not so good things:

  • the DIY jobs have not gone away

  • we are missing hugs from our kids no matter that they are grown ups

  • our parents will have to isolate until at least July so it will be a along time before we can see them in person and although video conferencing is great it is still hard but so worth it to protect them

  • we have already lost some people we know 

  • we worry about our son who is in the police and has to be out in the community every day

  • we have had to cancel family gatherings and a shared holiday that we have been looking forward to, (hopefully we can do it all in 2021)

  • some of our cooking experiments have gone badly wrong (a few bread bricks)

  • the isolation may mean we are not able to visit our first grandchild (hoping things will be lifted by the time he arrives)

The important thing -  all of the bad things are a small price to pay to protect others and do our bit to beat this virus. Keep well everyone and keep doing the right things.

Shaun and Sarah

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